What are the advantages of smart charging with Blossom?

Smart charging with Blossom enables you to align your charging sessions with your generated solar power, limit peak consumption, and benefit from dynamic rates.

To accomplish this we use technology that works independently from the type of home charger that is used. This provides maximum flexibility.

What is meant by 'Blossom uses open standards' and what are the advantages of this?

Blossom fully commits to open standards for its charging solution. This offers various advantages. For instance, the Blossom solution works with different brands and types of home chargers, providing the end user with an extensive choice.

Other family members can easily charge their vehicle at the same charging station.

Additionally, the energy management system of the charging infrastructure is completely independent of the type of charging station. Thus, maximum flexibility.

What makes Blossom unique in the market?

The online platform of Blossom is designed to easily facilitate both employers and employees concerning electric charging and everything related to it.

Employers gain access to a user-friendly management platform that provides a comprehensive overview of, among other things, the status of installed home chargers, consumption per employee for both home and public chargers, management of charging cards, and insights into charging costs and reimbursements.

For employees, the Blossom app offers the ability to easily track the status of their home charger, the costs of consumption at home and on the go, and reimbursements. Our built-in smart technology ensures efficient energy management for both the vehicle and the home, regardless of the type of home charging point used. The complete intake required for the installation process of a home charger is also managed from A to Z in the app. This means that employees play a central role in the process from selecting a suitable home charging solution to the final installation and commissioning.

The employer remains informed throughout via the management platform. If there are any questions or problems, the employee can always find an answer through our customer support via our digital channels. This approach strengthens the digital-first experience that Blossom offers to both employers and employees.

Who is Blossom for?

Initially, our focus is aimed towards the B2B market.

In a later phase, Blossom will also offer charging services directly to self-employed individuals and private consumers.
Be sure to keep an eye on our website to stay informed.

How can I contact Blossom?

Are you a fleet manager and would you like more information about our products and services? Then we would be happy to explore the possibilities with you. Click on 'Employer' at the top and then on 'Book a demo'. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Are you already a customer at Blossom? Then contact us via the app, or by logging in to our web portal.

Currently, we only offer our services to companies. In a later phase, we will also offer our services to individuals and the self-employed. Be sure to keep an eye on our website to stay informed.

When will Blossom be launched?

Our services are operational from April 1, 2024. However, we are available to answer all your questions today.

Are you a fleet manager and would like more information? Click on 'Employer' at the top and then on 'Book a demo'. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.